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10 Clever Ways to Beat the Heat at the Adventure Park

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Every summer families flock to Disney and other adventure parks for a magical family adventure.  Even though these months are the busiest and hottest months of the year, they are when kids are out of school and families take vacations. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, so it is especially important to find ways to stay cool while visiting the adventure park.  Below are our top ten ways to stay cool at your favorite theme park this summer.

10 Ways to Keep Cool at the Adventure Park

1. Enjoy the indoor shows

Sure the rides are what draws you in but make sure to plan on seeing the shows. First, they are fantastic. Secondly, they are a great way to hide from the summer heat and stay cool. Best tip to is to expect a show between each ride. This way you can alternate between being in the heat and being inside.

2. Know where the cool off stations are…and use them

Most theme parks will have cool off stations. They usually have some fans and misters to help cool you off.

3. Stay Cool with this Mom Hack

This is seriously the best hack ever. Soak a stack of washcloths and freeze them overnight. Before you head out to the park, put them in a cooler bag or plastic cooler. If you start to feel warm, grab a nice cold washcloth to dab your face and neck. We used these throughout the day. Even in 100-degree temps, they stayed cold.

Speaking of cooler bags and coolers.  Even though most parks allow you to bring in a small cooler or cooler bag, be sure to check the information to verify.  Here are some bags we believe are perfect for your trip to the theme park.

4. Fans Fans Fans

Take a stroller fan and a necklace fan for each member of your family. These are serious lifesavers when you are waiting in outdoor queue lines. Your toddler will also love being able to climb in their stroller, pull down the shade, and cool off with their stroller fan.


5. Do the water rides/attractions.

Let the kids jump around in the water areas. Most theme parks have them. SeaWorld San Antonio has a whole section dedicated to Sesame Street and water. It’s glorious. Water rides are also another great way to cool off in the summer heat.

6. Drink Water

This is a no-brainer but seriously drink lots of water. Find the water fountains and/or freeze bottles of water and stick them in your cooler bag or cooler.

7. Take a mid-day break

One of the things I saw during my time working at a theme park were parents dragging their hot children from ride to ride. I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t entirely understand it at the time. I would think to myself, “Why would they do that to their kids?” I know why. It’s expensive and time is short. Some families save for years to be able to visit a theme park which was just blocks away from my apartment. So now I get it. BUT…there are some ways to work around it.

In addition to getting to the park as soon as it opens, also consider taking a mid-day break. If you stay on property at Universal Orlando or Disney World, then your hotel room is just a boat, monorail, or sidewalk away. Take a mid-day break around noon and go rest, have lunch or lounge by the hotel pool. This will give you a break from the sun and the crowds. Return in the late afternoon, refreshed and ready to take on the second part of the day.

8. Take advantage of whatever skip the line system is available

You can’t get overheated if you aren’t standing in the heat. Trust me; it’s science.

9. Dress Lightly

Another obvious tip, but I cannot tell you how many people I saw in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts. Those people must live on the equator. Try a breathable outdoor style shirt which may also provide you a level of UV protection. If making your shirts is your thing, choose a tri-blend material. It is super soft and light.

10. Listen to your body and your kids

This isn’t so much as a tip for staying cool as it is a tip for staying healthy. Listen to your body, your kids, and watch for signs of dehydration or heat stroke. If your kids are complaining it’s hot, don’t automatically dismiss them as whines. These are very severe conditions that will not only put a damper on your vacation but could land you a trip to the hospital.


Enjoy and stay cool!





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